Signafire Hires Aimee Lessard as Chief of Analysis

Signafire, the industry leader in data fusion and content analytics, announced the addition of Aimee Lessard as Chief of Analysis, further bolstering its team of analytics experts. Lessard is Signafire’s latest high-profile hire coming on the heels of its extended partnership with General Motors.

Lessard brings a wealth of experience to Signafire, having worked as a senior analyst in both a military and civilian capacity. A United States Marine Corps and national intelligence veteran, Lessard previously served as a counterterrorism analyst and team leader within the special operations community. As a member of a joint special operations task force, she provided direct support to counterterrorism missions and operations. In her civilian career, she has served as a senior analyst at high-profile technology companies such as Palantir and Adobe.

Signafire CEO, Marc Alacqua, along with CTO, Steve Davis, and VP of Technology, Altaf Bahora, welcomed Aimee to Signafire in a joint statement:

“We are thrilled to welcome Aimee to the Signafire team. Aimee has successfully applied her unique skills set in some of the most pressure-filled environments in the world, and we are looking forward to the value she will bring to both our team and our clients.”

Aimee will lead Signafire’s global analytics efforts, as well as provide specialist consultation, implementation and training for Signafire’s public and private sector clients.