Know What’s Next

Real-time, accurate, actionable information to create opportunities for your company. Understand what’s happening now and know what’s next.


Your customers and community are talking about your brand; listen with intelligent tools to power your responses.

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Signafire’s social media and deep web tools help you stay ahead of the game, protecting and strengthening your reputation.

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In every threat is an opportunity. Utilize real-time, advanced listening techniques to detect critical data for rapid response.

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Our products are designed to watch, learn, and understand perceptions and threats among disparate sources of data to increase your awareness and help you make better decisions.

Aperture provides you with real time, predictive data from an abundance of unstructured sources.
Powerful Media Monitoring

Aperture provides powerful monitoring capabilities, able to scan massive amounts of information from both internal and external data sources. Aperture goes beyond traditional passive monitoring solutions by providing powerful search, intelligent assessment and parsing, and collaborative sharing capabilities in a seamless, user-friendly environment.

What this means for you:

Aperture can watch for threats to a high-value target, search huge numbers of social media messages for anything threatening, and alert designated personnel in real time. Aperture can also monitor a product launch, quickly funneling all information relating to the product to key decision-makers, with relevant context.

Hailstorm is the foundation of Signafire’s core products and world-class portfolio of big data technologies.
Realtime Data Enrichment

Hailstorm is Signafire’s data collection, fusion, enrichment, and storage platform built to scale with today’s big data analytic needs. It is the pipeline which combines our analytic algorithms to create our products and solutions. Hailstorm aggregates multiple data streams in real time, and applies sophisticated algorithms to sift, understand, and render the information into useful analysis. Hailstorm is the operating system for our technologies, but is also a powerful engine that clients can employ within their own environments.

What this means for you:

Hailstorm powers Signafire technologies and leverages various configurations of our analytic algorithms for customized solutions.  The power of Hailstorm is also available for your own in-house development activities to minimize your development time and maximize your results.


Our team has worked together for over a decade and has tackled urgent national security challenges and major business opportunities with equal success. Signafire’s technologies and team are proven across top secret government work, major corporations, and valuable brands.


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